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The Marquis de Moustier, an old “Franc-Comtoise” family, owns the Château de Bournel. It was in 1496 that the estate became part of the family property by the rich marriage between Jean de Moustier and Marguérite de Granvillars.

The 1st Marquis (1741), Philippe-Xavier, decided with his wife Louise de Bournel on the construction of a château at Cubry; after the realisation of a group of important buildings, called today the “Vieux Chateau”, the project of the real château was abandoned. The great grand child of Philippe-Xavier, Léonel de Moustier, the 5th Marquis, who was a highly important diplomat, decided about 1860 on the construction of a modern neo-gothic chateau, based on the plans drawn up by the architect Clément Parent, student of Viollet-le-Duc.

Dying young in 1869, it was his son Pierre-René who finished the interior decoration, constructed the chapel inspired by the chapel of Amboise, designed the French garden in the inner courtyard terraces and planted the English style park with its great variety of trees. He also transformed and enlarged the “Vieux Château in 1890 – 1910 and giving it the look which it has today.

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Château de Bournel
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