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Perhaps even more famous for its gastronomy, the region of Brillat Savarin
offers world class cuisine and wine from neighbouring regions; Bourgogne,
Maconnais and local Bugey.

Your dining experience in this area can be summed up in two words
"pure indulgence". Mouth watering Poulet de Bresse, the one and only chicken
with an appellation, accompanied with Gratin Dauphinoise, Gaujonettes and
Cervelas du Carpe are some of the many regionally inspired dishes
we offer at Le Mas Bouchy.

The carpe is usually from one of the ponds on the farm, where emptying the
pond itself is spectacular and we encourage you to witness this mesmarizing event.

In the autumn it is common place to find wild ducks from the
Mas Bouchy-ponds on our kitchen doorstep, kindly deposited by a local hunter.
We will lovingly prepare them according to an old traditional recipe.

The walnut trees bestow us with their fruits during the spring.
In return, we toast mother nature and turn her fruits into to a most
delicious walnut wine. Later in the year the walnuts become an essential
ingredient to many of our tantalizing salads and desserts.

Using a palette of local produce to create a traditional culinary masterpiece
is part of our commitment to quality, freshness and authenticity.
This unique and unparalleled hideaway and conference venue is synonymous
with "the best that life has to offer".

Let us take a moment to discuss together your dietary and meal requirements.
Or perhaps you would prefer to visit one of the superb Michelin star awarded
restaurants in the region. Alternatively, we can prepare together some
of the famous Cuisine Lyonnaise

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Le Mas Bouchy
01240 Dompierre sur Veyle

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